DuckDuckGoose Brewing Co.

Branding and Packaging Design


Create a brand identity and packaging for an up and coming local brewing company.


Duck Duck Goose Brewing Co. (DDG abr.) is an up and coming brewery located in London Ontario. Although they take their brewing craftsmanship very seriously, they would like to keep a playful attitude in their branding because at the end of day they believe beer is about having fun.

Their target demographic is primarily adults 25-40 (Millennials) Also any adults who are unapologetic about what they like, strive keep their playful spirit alive, and want to just have a good time (responsibly).

The direction for the brand had to be bright, playful, and approachable, yet still appropriate for an adult beverage. The bright colours pop and will stand out on the shelf next to other beers. They are friendly and playful, and a great representation of the company that made them.